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INTRODUCTION:We have been supplying clients from across the globe with our Open SPIM self made parts since 2013.We also develop and sell our own accessory parts and a few more advanced sample chamber assemblies.We recently added the New X Open SPIM U

$ 145.00
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$ 190.00
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$ 25.00
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This part is is used if the client decides to use the 1/2 inch Thor mirror holders instead of the Polarus 1 inch mirrors holdersfor the initial 180 degree light sheet deflection.
$ 25.00
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This optional part is is used if the client decides to use the 1 inch, Thor mirror holder, as shown in the picture below,instead of the Polarus 1 inch mirror, as used on the OpenSPIM.org website, for the final 90 degree light sheet deflection.
$ 40.00
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INTRODUCTION:We recently manufactured and sold the first parts set for a system of this kind, according to the OpenSPIM.org website.NOTE:Prices do not include shipment. Shipment will be included or excluded during the final order phase, depending on

Consists of: 1 X Detection Axis Holder Assembly 1 X Infinity Space Tube 2 X 1 inch Filter Holder Assembly 2 X 1 1/4 inch Filter Holder Assembly
$ 900.00
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INTRODUCTION:We have supplied customers with our equipment since 2014.We sell the following products:Mandibulometer - 235mmLaboratory Osteometric Board - 600mmOutside Calipers - 300mmNOTE:Prices do not include shipment. Shipment will be included or e

$ 2590.00
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$ 870.00
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It has been my ambition to have my own design and engineering company since the age of 11 in 1983.I designed my own motorcycle concepts from that time onwards.Please find a couple of scans of my designs through the years. Follow the links below the i