We manufacture and export the "self made" Openspim Microscope Parts for clients all over the globe.

We started producing Anthropology equipment at the beginning of 2014. We would like to offer these incredible instruments to you. The products are made in South Africa.We manufacture the following equipment: MandibulometerLaboratory Osteometric Boar

We support a number of labs with equipment since 2010. The products are all made to client specific needs and dimension. They vary in complexity from Lab tables to CNC machined parts that make up assemblies that again is uniqe to the clients needs.

PFDE was subcontracted in 2005 by BST, the carbon fiber motorcycle wheel manufacturer to design the wheels for the Honda RS125 and KTM 125 GP bikes. Besides running my own company, I worked for BST on a permanent basis, since June 2006 to June 200

                Here follows a few products that we designed and manufactured for clients. DISPLAY STAND https://www.pfde.co.uk/wgallerydisplay.php?album_id=252209&photo_id=441

We were sub contracted by Jessop Industrial Machinery in 2003 to design parts for the PBMR Pebble Bed Reactor Program, Coater Project. //www.jim.co.za/

Eco Innovations started a low cost housing project in 1994 as part of the German Consortium to invest in South Africa. In 2004 PFDE was sub contracted to build the final product in 3D and to create main assembly, sub assembly, weldment and manufac

Pirtek is an Australian company that supplies hydraulic fittings and pipes for a large variety of machines. Swadek Contruction sub contracted PFDE in 2003 to design a canopy that will house and transport Pirtek hydraulic parts and fitment equipment o

AMJ was a company that specialized in providing gold mines with concepts and working prototypes for future developments in 2003. Combining their knowledge of the underground environment and our expertise in 3d concept design, PFDE was tasked in 2002

It has been my ambition to have my own design and engineering company since the age of 11(1983). We would do work in the motorcycle industry as motorcycle designers, developers and manufacturers. I designed my own motorcycle concepts from t

As a sole a proprietor, PFDE was sub-contracted in 2002 by FFS REFINERS (PTY LTD) to reverse engineer a decanter for local manufacturing. This machine purifies rough tar. It spins the tar up at high revolutions in a drum like container to make the he

I worked for Africon Engineering International from 2005-2006. I was assigned as a Senior Mechanical Technician and designer for the Petronet Project. It entitled the following: Petroleum Plant Design to API and SAS specifications. Complete 3D vo

A client in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, wanted to erect a diesel filling station canopy. We visited similar pump stations around the area and created a design for them according to the researched data.

Afrox, Trichardt Branch in Mpumalanga provides the whole of the Texas Area, meaning Secunda, Evander, Kinross, Trichardt and Bethal with gas. In 2003 they sub contracted PFDE to create SHE drawings according to ISO standards for the c

Since 2009, we have invested a lot of effort to develop our own aftermarket products for the motorcycle industry; for off road and on road markets.   New products for off road bikes: Riser sets for MX bikes. KTM Steering damper mount

I have always loved fighter aircraft and weapon systems. It can be described as my original first love. I started drawing them in 1977, at the age of 5. At the age of 7, I had more than 100 model aircraft to study and draw in my dream world.

Conveyor Systems

We did various 3d designs concepts for office furniture lay out, for customers wanting to get a future glimps into how their offices will look.

My first permanent job was at Vektor, LIW, now Denel Land Systems or DLS, a subsidiary of Denel, in South Africa, in 1994. I was assigned to work with the R4 mass production team as a junior engineer and process designer until midway throug