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We manufacture and export the "self made" OpenSPIM Microscope Parts for clients all over the globe.

Our parts are machined from 6082, aircraft aluminium. This material was chosen for the stability it provides in the microscope environment.

As a rule, we anodize our microscope parts black. It minimises reflection of the light source, ultimately giving better imaging results. We are however capable to provide the client with any colour anodizing they require, including clear.

The anodizing provides extreme surface harness and has a high resistance to scratches and to minor impact marking.







Please contact us for a quotation at: wwwpfdecouk@gmail.com


We have recently successfully build our first Sample Chamber Assembly that incorperates the Nikon 16X, water dipping objective.

The next step would be to build T and X Sample Chambers Assemblies that will also use this objective.


We manufacture the self made OpenSPIM parts for clients from around the globe.

PART 1-3646.jpg PART 2-3758.JPG PART 3-3289.JPG PART 4-950.JPG PART 5-4034.JPG PART 6-265.JPG PART 7-2061.JPG PART 8-3328.JPG PART 9-1811.JPG PART 10-4622.JPG PART 11-3368.JPG PART 12-662.JPG PART 13-2272.JPG PART 14-81.JPG PART 15-3028.JPG PART 17-747.jpg PART 23-2846.jpg PART 24-2933.jpg PART 25-2836.jpg PART 36-1851.JPG PART 40 -1255.JPG PART 41-496.JPG

PART 1-3646.jpg

PART 1 - Heat sink for laser