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As a sole a proprietor, PFDE was sub-contracted in 2002 by FFS REFINERS (PTY LTD) to reverse engineer a decanter for local manufacturing. This machine purifies rough tar. It spins the tar up at high revolutions in a drum like container to make the heavy carbon particals be forced outward by the certifugal force, and then it moves the particals by a srew like part to the one side of the drum while the cleaned product gets directed to the other side of the drum.

FFS REFINERS was at the time sub-contracted by SASOL to purify tar, within their plant at SASCTF Secunda, Tar Purification Plant

The whole assembly weighs in, without being filled with tar, at around 3500Kg. It was also an Imperial Decanter which means it was made in the United Kingdom, in inches dimensions. I had to measure very carefully to get to the correct dimensions in micrometer. Removal of the parts from SASCTF Secunda was not permitted by SASOL, so I was on site every second day or so to measure, equiped with vernier calipers and other tricks I picked up in the weapons industry.

Our tasks became more involved with time.

Please find below a summury of tasks
1. Reverse engineering of Metric & Imperial Decanters for South African Manufacture.
Measurements on sight, 3D System Design, Detail drawings, Assembly Drawings.
2. Create & maintain P & IDs.
3. Pipe servicing drawings. Measurements, Detail drawings.
4. Dumb bin, 3D system design & detail part design.
5. General Maintenance drawings
6. SLUICE PUMP SHAFT. Measurements, Detail drawings.
7. Regent (LICA) Filter, Top Gland Housing. Measurements, Detail drawings.
8. LIFTING ARM ASSEMBLY, CONVEYOR, and DECANTER P4800. 3D Concept & Detail drawings.
9. 2JC PUMP SHAFT. Measurements, Detail drawings.