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My first permanent job was at Vektor, LIW, now Denel Land Systems or DLS, a subsidiary of Denel, in South Africa, in 1994. I was assigned to work with the R4 mass production team as a junior engineer and process designer until midway through 1996. We were the first group to create CAD drawings for manufacturing the parts, design of the fixtures, design of the tooling and design of the gauges. We were also the first group to integrate Microsoft Office into our working systems.




I became part of a small, but very special research & development team in 1996, called Naval and Air Defence Systems, LIW. We successfully developed a rapid fire, 35mm canon system, called the 35DPG. It was designated as a non deck penetrating, anti aircraft and anti missile weapon system for ships. These systems are in use today, on all of the four Valour Class Patrol Corvette ships, since they have been in service with the South African Navy in 2004. I was part of this team until February 2002, after the 35DPG had met all the development requirements set by the SA Navy, before going into production.





I was assigned in 1998 to design a light gun mount for the SA Navy that would integrate one GA35 canon, the same type that is used in the 35DPG. Because of budget constraints, the concept only reached the scale model phase and presentation to the client.


We started with a refurbishment project for the 76mm canons for the SA Navy in 1999.


Since my departure from LIW at the end of February 2002, my company have done defence industry work for CSIR and for Airbus DS Optronics.

Weapons Industry

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I was also responsible for assisting with the marketing material. Here is the 1/5 scale model of the 35 DPG.