About Us

I started my company in an effort to cure the huge joblessness that we experience in South Africa. We apply all the knowledge and systems learnt in the weapons industry, when we do a project for a client. Our expertise is applied to all our clients, from big projects to small projects, in any environment.


PFDE was also started to fulfill a childhood dream of having my own company that does design work for special clients, world wide, especially for the motorcycle industry.

Our first goal for the motorcycle industry is to create limited production, ultra performance motorcycles in South Africa. These ultra advanced motorcycles will give our company a legendary name, that will just improve every 4 years, when the latest ultra motorcycle design will be released by us for sale to customers.

Our second goal for that industry is to create a sustainable motorcycle design and manufacturing industry in South Africa that will cater for the more affordable and higher volume motorcycle market. This will create even more jobs. 

As a person I am similar to Mr. Honda. As an ultimate goal, we would like to contribute more to the economy of South Africa, much in the same way as Mr. Honda and Honda Motor Company, has contributed to the economy of Japan after WWII to date.